Small penis Syndrome

The small penis syndrome is more like a state of mind than a true, valid disease. People who suffer from actually have a clinically normal penis size, but the fact that they feel ashamed and extremely depressed because of their size led specialists to talk about a syndrome.

However, this kind of psychological condition doesn’t appear out of nowhere; it’s generated by a physical disorder or a developed psychosis. That is why the first thing recommended for those who believe that they have a really small penis is counseling therapy, followed if necessary by drugs and/or surgery. Anyway, the last two options are not that attractive, considering that there’s nothing truly wrong with the size and that everything is happening in the patient’s mind.

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Studies show that 85% of women are pleased with the size of their partner’s penis and the rest of 15% it’s divided between those who complain the penis is too large and those who have to cope with a micro-penis. Specialists highlight that the syndrome of the small penis is not the same with the micro-penis condition. The difference between the ones suffering from the syndrome and the real small penis men is that while the first exists only at a psychological level, the second is physical and noticeable.

To make things clear about what is an average sized penis and a small one, researchers have carried many studies. The results show that the average erect penis size is between 5.5 and 6.2 inches (length) and 4.7 – 5.1 inches (girth). The micro-penis is a lot smaller, less than 2.75 inches (long). Specialists say that actually very few people suffer from this condition. However, almost 45% of the men wish they had a bigger penis. So why do so many men think of their size as of “my small penis size”?

Most of those who believe their penis are under the average have very little sexual experience and they believe they can’t satisfy a woman during the intercourse. Some of them didn’t even had a sexual experience due to the fact that they feel to ashamed to appear nude in front of a woman. Their group of friends or their family members might have unconsciously encouraged this kind of thinking. When a boy sees his father’s or his older brother’s flaccid penis might get the impression that his penis is undersized. This is one of the greatest errors done when comparing penises. The correct to measure and /or compare penises size is while erectile. That’s because a big flaccid penis doesn’t necessarily mean a huge erect penis.

Such a large community of men, who want to increase their penis size, leaves room for maneuver for the extending devices producers. Specialists have shown that extenders and vacuum devices are rarely effective and so seem to be the penis enlarging pills (intensely advertised through spams). What would be worth trying are the exercises such as jelqing (also known as “milking”) that work out the muscles by increasing the quantity of blood in the corpus cavernosa.

However, the best advice for those suffering from small penis syndrome is to measure themselves correctly and, eventually, search for a specialist to explain them that there’s nothing wrong with their size and why should they give-up the idea of not being able to satisfy a woman.

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