Penis Pumping

Ever since the ’70s when they were first introduced on the market, people have kept wondering: “Do penis pumps work?”. When a man is decided to increase his penis length he will find himself in the situation of trying whatever comes across his way to achieve the perfect size. Some techniques are a bit extreme and effective; some others are simple and give no results. The penis pump seems to be, so far, in the first category.

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump enlarger is a medical device that works on the principle of vacuum. Their effect is an increased blood pressure in the corpus cavernosa – the penis part responsible for erections. Due to the extra-flows of blood coming from the circulatory system, the size of the erection grows significantly. However, too much pressure is likely to cause some vascular damages. That is why, doctors recommend extreme caution when using this type of devices.

The penis pump looks like a syringe that has a manual or motorized pump at its end. The problem is that when you remove the vacuum cylinder, men risk loosing the size gains and that’s why placing a plastic or a rubber ring is recommended, even if it’s irritating and uncomfortable. However, experts recommend its removal after 30 minutes, to avoid secondary effects or injuries.

penis pumping, penis pump enlargeAre penis pumps effective?

Actually, the results of penis pumping are temporary and the process have to be repeated over and over again. This is one of the reasons why some men use it more like a masturbating device and to achieve pleasure, than to increase their sizes significantly.

Studies have shown that after a 6 months period of using penis pumping, no measurable results have been obtained. However, the follow-up satisfaction of the men who tried it is around 30%. While as powerful and fast pumping can lead to vascular damages, the soft pumping can strengthen the muscles that support the penis and its erection and decreases masturbation’s frequency.

However, penis pumps might be effective in erectile dysfunctions and other conditions related to impotence. People who weren’t able to have erections found the device quite helpful and doctors admit that the results were satisfying. They also highlighted that men should use only those pumps that have a vacuum limiter and use it for no more than 30 minutes a day.

Will a penis pump work with a person who suffers from small penis syndrome?

It is already well known that most those who suffer from small penis syndrome have an average sized penis and they’re underestimating its performances. The penis pump might be helpful at a psychological level, reverse the autosuggestion and encourage men to proceed to more sexual experiences.

In conclusion, depending on each man aims – to increase his penis or to solve an erectile dysfunction – the answer to the question: “do penis pumps work” is variable and often biased.



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